Chuck Malkus

“Through his largesse, Rothstein made many "friends" among local politicians, law enforcement, and even former Florida governor Charles Crist.  Such a high profile, as described in great detail in the fascinating book, The Ultimate Ponzi, by Chuck Malkus, served Rothstein well in attracting clients to his investment scheme, which involved the sale of investments that didn't really exist.”
The Street
“If ever there were fertile ground for a spellbinding story about hitting the heights of fortune and then descending into the depths of deprivation, it would have to be the saga of Scott W. Rothstein and his $1.4 billion Ponzi scheme.”
Financial Advisor Magazine
Keynote speaker and author Chuck Malkus highlights the importance of business ethics and employee engagement.
He has motivated organizations with his humorous true-life experiences and powerful case histories.

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