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Getting There
In this empowering talk, Chuck outlines a four-step process for success and shares five portraits of resilience and connection that will inspire you to put doubt aside and go after your dreams. He includes profiles of accomplished men and women from diverse walks of life who beat back physical, emotional, or professional obstacles to realize success. The subjects of his first-hand accounts include legendary LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri; consumer insights app creator Nadia Masri; health food entrepreneurs Neter Alkebulan and Trendolyn Hopkins; pioneering Wake Forest University surgeon Dr. Anthony Atala; and Susan Perry, a healthcare technology innovator. Getting There is a culmination of hard-won wisdom that can be applied by anyone, no matter their current situation in life.

Life Choices
Chuck weaves together his personal stories as a business strategist and community leader to deliver a gripping narrative about the drama of crises as well as the lighter side of the human experience. Chuck relates his personal choices made in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew; the life choice of Stephanie Toothaker; and the unexpected returns of volunteerism. For the past 25 years, community service has been a central feature in Malkus’ life, and he describes how involvement in your community can deliver personal and professional growth.

Authentic Leadership
Today, more than ever, younger generations appreciate when authentic leaders reveal the real side of their personality, beliefs and commitments. These traits are the same 24/7 -- whether they are in the public or seen with actions in private settings.  Chuck points out that since many times leaders rely on others with skill sets they don't personally possess -- it is a good trait to express that by trusting others for their expertise is powerful.  Leaders also are the first admit that they learn new things as a result of being associated with others who are committed to make a difference in the lives of others.  He provides current-day examples of authentic leadership as well as how trust is built over years of giving back and making a difference.

Ethical Choices
Chuck delivers important lessons related to personal and professional branding by identifying the warning signs associated with poor business ethics. He describes Scott Rothstein’s operation of one of the most ruthless Ponzi schemes in U.S. history, and Rothstein’s theft of $1.4 billion to finance his opulent lifestyle. Chuck’s best-seller, The Ultimate Ponzi: The Scott Rothstein Story, (Pelican) explains for the first time how this polished con man built a prestigious law firm from scratch while taking down an entire community in the process.

The Power of Executive Storytelling
Storytelling lies at the foundation of the human experience. It is a tool that builds connections, conveys values and removes the barriers of culture, age and lifestyle. Chuck explains how executives can structure stories to drive company performance among internal and external audiences. For employees, storytelling can boost morale, enhance a sense of belonging, and increase productivity. To external audiences, stories about the company or CEO can reinforce the business’ value proposition, attract customers, and heighten investor interest.  Chuck helps executives identify the compelling stories that will advance the company’s goals, such as customer testimonials, corporate milestones and tales of individual excellence. He shares captivating examples of how companies of all sizes can better communicate their core values and unique culture.

Protecting Your Interests
Chuck teaches your organization to protect its brand through better communication and by developing a culture of ethical behavior. He brings attention to vital business tactics through unique and true-life stories related to culture, employee training and charitable commitments. Today’s business environment requires not only a business plan for dealing with crises, but also a personalized plan that enables each employee to develop his or her skills, work with others outside the office, and provide service to the community.

What They're Saying About Chuck Malkus

"On a scale of 1 to 10, your speech was a 10 for both content and presentation. Your outstanding performance kept everyone keenly interested.”

Barry Kates, Entrepreneurs’ Organization

“Chuck Malkus delivered a mesmerizing account of the Rothstein case with superb details of the back story.  He energized our attendees and reflected on how to avoid obvious red flags.”

Jack Drury, Jack Drury and Associates

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