Getting There

Getting There offers portraits of resilience and connection that will inspire you to put doubt aside and go after your dreams. The book profiles ten people from diverse industries and walks of life who beat back serious adversity—whether physical, emotional, or both—to achieve success. This group includes renowned LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri; consumer insights app creator and Forbes “30 Under 30” selection Nadia Masri; health food entrepreneurs Neter Alkebulan and Trendolyn Hopkins and pioneering Wake Forest University surgeon Dr. Anthony Atala, one of the world’s leading specialists in regenerative medicine.

Jam-packed with hard-won wisdom that can be applied by anyone in any life situation, Getting There just may help you get where you need to go.

Full Circle: The Remarkable True Story

Glamour, excitement, and money were thrust upon Miami in the late 1970s. Seemingly overnight, it transformed from a sleepy Southern town famous only for its retirees, to an exciting mix of wealth, style, and violence. It was the Cocaine Era, when mountains of cash, bricks of coke, and men with assault rifles changed everything.

And it changed the people living there, as well. Kevin Pedersen and Alex DeCubas, a couple of local boys who met at a Little League game, became best friends and star high school wrestling teammates. They were even featured in Sports Illustrated. After a couple decades of facing conflict, personal turmoil and (for Alex) a long prison sentence, the pair reunited and teamed up to do what they perhaps always should have--coaching high school wrestling together.

The Ultimate Ponzi: The Scott Rothstein Story

In what became one of the most ruthless Ponzi schemes in United States history, Fort Lauderdale attorney Scott Rothstein stole $1.4 billion to finance his opulent lifestyle. This story of betrayal, greed, corruption, murder, sex, and suicide is enough to make even Bernie Madoff blush.

Through exacting research, Chuck Malkus has uncovered the truth behind the Ultimate Ponzi scheme that duped thousands. With unexpected flamboyance, Scott Rothstein bought his way into society and took advantage of charitable organizations and prominent individuals.

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